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Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Little Rock, AR

luxury vinyl in little rock, arEnjoy greater design versatility and value when you update your home or office with our luxury vinyl flooring in Little Rock, AR. Arnold’s Flooring America is your source for responsive design assistance and value-added floor coverings from many of the manufacturers you have come to love. Visit our showroom and start your design journey today.

We consider the entire home when we begin the process of selecting the right flooring for you. Every room you decorate in a home or business is different in some way. When a customer needs the character and charm of hardwood flooring in a place that experiences higher levels of foot traffic and moisture, there are a number of concerns to address. Solid hardwood will wear down or even splinter under constant pressure and it’ll expand and contract when exposed to water. You need an innovative product that gives you added resilience without sacrificing aesthetic value.

Through a manufacturing process that places a wear layer onto a durable vinyl surface, our customers get a floor that offers texture and scratch resistance when it matters the most. The texture and appearance don’t diminish over time, making this an attractive and reasonable flooring material for extended use. With the savings you receive through our 5 Star Selection system, you can get the flooring you want in every room.

Versatile Luxury Vinyl Tile

Broaden your design horizon and get the functionality and appeal you need for your business when you start your planning at our showroom. We review each flooring choice to ensure you get the price protection guarantees and installation warranties you need. Luxury vinyl provides you with resilient flooring that mimics the appearance of wood, stone, and ceramic tile.

Give your finished basement a professional look that is sure to improve the resale value of your home when you decorate with luxury vinyl plank flooring. While solid hardwood is a great choice for rooms on the ground floor, other areas with increased moisture need a product that won’t expand and contract.

A Floor That Fits

Count on the team at our flooring showroom for luxury vinyl tile installation. When you invest in new flooring for a home or business, you need an assurance that the product that will perform with it matters. Our contractors have the right tools and training for any challenging interior.

We take the time to get a full understanding of your needs and the dimensions of your home. You deserve flooring that makes every room more enjoyable. With luxury vinyl, you get the best of both worlds and a home that fits your way of life.


Contact us today for luxury vinyl flooring that will bring any room back to life. We proudly serve customers in Little Rock, Arkansas, and surrounding communities.

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